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Something Smells Fishy. The South-West Bird Die-off Concludes With No Conclusion

They didn’t rule out viruses.

And the birds had signs of lung damage that were not attributed to smoke. So cause of death is deemed starvation. Umm, 🙄 sorry, what?

What caused all the symptoms in the first place?!

The original government report is strange. Limited information, lack of concern and follow-up.

The findings are far from case-closed and pose more questions than answers.

And the fluffy articles based on the press release are like the exact opposite of everything journalism is supposed to be about.

So that's it? Case closed, nothing to see here! Move on to something else. Wow. It’s like we have to pick and choose what matters these day, and once it’s old news nobody cares.

Is it related to covid? Is it related to pharmaceutical companies? Is it related to something we all don't know? Someone knows something, that's for sure. Maybe someday we will all find out too.,Phoebe%20Weston%20for%20the%20Guardian.

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