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COVID-19 Reinfection Tracker

Eli Lilly paused their antibodies treatment trial today without disclosing why. Yesterday Johnson & Johnson abruptly paused their covid-19 vaccine phase 3 trial due to a safety concern.

There have been a few studies published lately warning about further research needed on antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of covid infection.

Have you ever heard, don’t catch Dengue Fever twice? The locals used to say that to me in Bali “because you’ll want to die if it doesn’t kill you first”. Blame ADE.

It’s when the presence of specific antibodies in the body become more beneficial to a virus, by making the entry into healthy cells easier and amplifying the reinfection the second time around, increasing the severity of the illness.

Rushing to get a vaccine out to the public to fulfil billion dollar contracts would have disastrous results if Covid-19 in fact does reinfect easily and ADE from vaccine/treatments/previous infection is proven. This is why politics should never come before science when the stakes are human lives and our future.

To quote this study from Aug 28: “It would be a public health and general trust-in-medicine nightmare - including a boost to anti-vaccine forces - if immune protection wears off or new disease patterns develop among the immunized.”

See the COVID-19 reinfection tracker here. From BNO

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