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Are Covid Variants A Result of Vaccines?

I would like to remind everyone, the very first countries in the world to conduct vaccine clinical trials were none other than UK, Brazil and South Africa.

Given the fact that serious variants are coming directly from these SAME countries now 4-6 months after the vaccine trials started - WHY IS NOBODY QUESTIONING THIS?

I am not against vaccines, in fact I have always been very pro-vaccination and encouraged it. I AM against pharmaceutical companies rushing vaccine trials, sloppy irresponsible reporting and coverups, and governments spending billions of dollars to secure early contracts as a band-aid solution without any longterm research or regard for the future of humanity. I voiced my concerns specifically about vaccine trials being pushed and rushed so hard in the summer, and as per usual, nobody listened. Now I am doing it again and I hope to god someone is out there listening.

The medical industry (and governments) are terrified about these new contagious deadly variants from these 3 countries, which also happen to share common mutations with each other. They come from the exact same countries that vaccine trials were so liberally taking place at in the summer. I remember UK articles showing people cheering and crying in joy on the streets as nurses and health care professionals on the front lines got the first shots in July. South Africa practically begged the drug companies to trial there. Sure this can be a mere coincidence, but logic and reasoning (and intuition) tell me otherwise. Someone needs to be investigating this. No correction, everyone needs to be investigating this - this isn’t a gamble on the stock markets that we can claim ignorance for later - this is literally the future of human lives in the hands of powerful people playing with fire by promoting hope and dismissing objections.

What if we keep pushing these vaccinations on more and more people and more and more variants learn to mutate quicker and more deadly because of it?! I’ve been saying this for a year now - COVID IS FROM A CORONAVIRUS these are smart viruses mutating rapidly and learning how to live with/in their hosts then move on. It is NOT influenza, coronaviruses have and always will live in and with all humans, animals and nature. I don’t understand why we aren’t letting it run its course, instead trying to force a new one where we aren’t even sure that will lead us? Insanity. Panic. Fear of change I suppose.

And what happened to these clinical trials anyway? Why were they unsuccessful?

NOVAVAX “Novavax vaccine trials run in South Africa and the UK.” See the article discussing the controversy of the Novavax vaccine here.

“The variants originating in the UK and the one in South Africa share a common mutation (N501Y) that has been associated with increased transmissibility of the virus. However, the variant found in South Africa has an additional three or four mutations involving immunodominant components of the spike protein that could interfere with the vaccine induced neutralising activity of the virus.”

“It took a lot of convincing both for Novavax as well as for AstraZeneca vaccine for their sponsors to eventually agree to bring studies to South Africa. And the studies were largely led directly by us in South Africa. We also had to convince funders to support the studies in South Africa. The Novavax study, for example, is co-funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Novavax. The AstraZeneca vaccine study is sponsored by the University of Oxford, but funded by the South African Medical Research Council and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”


JUNE 26, 2020 South Africa’s University of Witwatersrand (WITS) on Monday announced that it would be launching the country’s first vaccination trials this week. The vaccination, is technically named ChAdOx1-nCOV-19. **The trial is a partnership between WITS and the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute, in the UK.**

Aug 17, 2020, screening began for participants to enrol in the mid-stage study of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine by Novavax. at Witwatersrand University (Wits) in Johannesburg, South Africa. A US$15 million grant towards the trial was awarded to Novavax by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 2665 healthy adults and nearly 240 medically stable, HIV-positive adults will be enrolled. Called NVX-CoV2373

The trial is the second one in South Africa, with a third trial for Ad26.COV2-S, a Johnson & Johnson product, set for September, 2020. The first trial, also led by Madhi, of a COVID-19 vaccine in South Africa commenced on June 23, which was the first vaccine candidate to be tested in Africa. This trial (Ox1Cov-19 Vaccine VIDA trial) is in collaboration with Oxford University and the Jenner Institute.

There are 17 vaccine candidates in clinical trials and 131 in the preclinical planning phase, according to the WHO draft landscape of 28 June 2020.


JUNE 28, 2020: “Volunteers in Brazil have begun receiving a trial vaccine against COVID-19, in Latin America’s first phase 3 COVID-19 clinical trial. The trial officially began on Saturday 20th June and will enrol 5,000 volunteers across the country.”

“The Federal University of São Paulo - UNIFESP is collaborating with the University of Oxford and the Oxford Vaccine Group on the Brazil trial. The Brazilian Ox1Cov-19 Vaccine Trial. The technical name of the vaccine is ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, as it is made from a virus called ChAdOx1, which is a weakened and non-replicating version of a common cold virus (adenovirus). The vaccine has been engineered to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.”

JULY, 2020 ““At a phase three trial, the goal is to prove that the vaccine offers protection against the disease,” Clemens says. “How can we work fast to prove it and offer the vaccine to the population in a short period of time?”


JUNE 15, 2020: “Clinical researchers are this week set to begin human trials of a new coronavirus vaccine developed by researchers at Imperial College London. Imperial’s vaccine candidate is being developed and trialled thanks to more than £41 million in funding from the UK government and a further £5m in philanthropic donations.” The study will be the first time the vaccine has been trialled in humans and will test whether it is well-tolerated and produces an effective immune response against COVID-19.”

JUNE 24, 2020: “About 300 people will have the vaccine over the coming weeks, as part of a trial led by Prof Robin Shattock and his colleagues, at Imperial College London. After this first phase, another trial is being planned for October, involving 6,000 people.” “The trials are among many across the world - there are around 120 vaccine programmes under way.”

OCTOBER 20, 2020: this one makes me cringe so badly I can’t even read through the article. If you look at the perspective of science through rose-coloured glasses, sure it makes sense to deliberately infect healthy volunteers as part of a UK Study. But we aren’t mice and this isn’t a fairy-tale that’s going to have a happy ending if we keep playing with fire. The moral of the story is very real, still nobody is talking about the fact that government/private grants/universities have been funding intensive coronavirus research for the last few years IN ORDER TO DEVELOP A VACCINE TO TRY TO STOP A THEORETICAL FUTURE PANDEMIC! And now that one is here, ironically (OR NOT!) FROM some unknown coronavirus origin which shares 4 insertions with what could be HIV, we STILL aren’t talking about the possibility that this coronavirus pandemic could have possibly started because of the extensive research extracting coronaviruses from bats deep in the jungle in order to study then. These bats haven’t seen humans for thousands of years if ever. Why am I the only person seriously questioning this logic here? Elon hurry up with your damn spaceships. Y’all need to go to Mars and leave the rest of us here to live in nature, not fear.

“The U.K. government has signed a contract for the first human challenge studies for the novel coronavirus, in which healthy volunteers are deliberately infected with the virus in a controlled setting, and some receive an experimental vaccine. Up to 19 volunteers at a time will take part in the tests, to be held at the Royal Free Hospital in London, which houses a Biosafety Level 3 ward. They will be run by hVIVO, a medical research company that specializes in running challenge trials, in partnership with Imperial College London.”

“One of the UK organizers for 1 Day Sooner, 18-year-old Alastair Fraser-Urquhart, told Phil Black earlier this month that challenge studies are "just such an instant, common sense idea."


Wealthy countries started buying up vaccine contracts early in June before clinical trials even started.

“AstraZeneca has reached an agreement with Europe’s Inclusive Vaccines Alliance (IVA), spearheaded by Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, to supply up to 400 million doses of the University of Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine, with deliveries starting by the end of 2020.”


I would also like to remind people that this same vaccine manufacturer who pushed clinical trials in these parts of the world then put their trial on hold in September and that was the last we heard of it in the media. See more here.

This took me all of 28 minutes to research and I didn’t even get past page 2 on google. I’ve had very bad feelings about these clinical trials since the summer. No amount of debate can justify them to me when there is no longterm research, we still don’t know the full course of covid, and we don’t even know where it came from.

Yet we are vaccinating the world and don’t even know if it really works (or what “effective” means) and what will happen when the virus continues to mutate quicker and smarter (because it will, coronaviruses always do).

But above all, there is not enough research in the whole world on our very own immune system. We don't know how it operates or why fully yet and nobody is spending billions of dollars to research it either.

So if we can't even understand how our own bodies natural defense system works, why are we assuming we know what to do next? Research doesn't even know what covid and/or the vaccine does to it in the short and longterm. Why aren’t we focusing the time and money there?

The say karma is like a rubber band… you can only stretch it so far before it comes back to smack you in the face.

Let’s just hope these drug companies don’t fuck things up even further and double down on reckless trials and desperate measures for prevention, testing the coronaviruses’ intelligence (and natures power). Humans will not win the war against nature by fighting it with greed, we never do, history teaches us that time and time again. Hopefully this rationale hits home sooner than later.

Until then, hang in there, find some hobbies, do what you need to do keep sanity and find inner peace. Stay healthy, eat a ton of antioxidants, get your vitamin D tested and make sure you aren't deficient, do elimination diets, laugh more and stress less. Sleep longer and exercise however you feel like it.

This year will be a reset and we're going to need to be as mentally and physically strong as we can be get through it. Fuck the fear and intimidation, we are humans with amazingly powerful immune systems designed to conquer coronaviruses, we can do this!!

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