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About Us

The other perspectives. From published research and straight from the mouth of medical professionals.

Published research is there for us to read. Search pubmed and find hundreds and thousands of articles. Most people don't have the time or interest to do so. For those that do, we see and understand the other perspectives. The other pieces of the pie that start to make up the full story

Government health care organizations are run top down with guidance determined by politics. Logically, it is the only way national health guidance can make sense by promoting what works for all, while limiting liability. How do they limit liability? To make this work, corporations must take responsibility and management for drugs, medical devices, and treatments. Corporations provide their research findings, their licencing plans, and through these processes, guidance is developed based on approvals. 

What does that mean for the rest of research? Proven causal relationships (equal to or better than "proof" from manufacturers) are ignored. Worse, they are fact checked against faulty or biased research and tagged as misleading or false information. 

It's time for change. 

Every person, whether they are licenced or not, should have the right to informed consent by knowing the full story in real-time. To review research and listen to medical professionals opinions that differ from the manufacturers marketing teams who influence government guidance. We are all humans, it is our right to make our own choices and decisions and not be told we can only learn about one side of the story. So here you go. Learn away.

Your Body, Your Choice.

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